Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo 2nd week of Feb 2020

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28F, first time solo travel in Japan. Would be great to meet up with some people for drinks and a chat for my first time solo travel in Japan, Tokyo or Osaka and maybe make a day trip together :) Do let me know if anyone is travelling to Japan around the same date

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January 27, 2020
03:35 EST

Hi! I'll be moving to Tokyo on February 3rd, but wont be starting work until later in the month. I'm Japanese American so i speak both languages fluently, and lived in Tokyo for 10 years so i know my way around. Let me know if you wanna hang out!

February 05, 2020
12:06 EST

Hi! I will be in Tokyo Feb/7 to 11 and in Osaka 11-14. I am from Los Angeles and could only speak broken Japanese :)
If you also like to explore Japanese culture or museum hopping, let's hang out!

February 15, 2020
02:48 EST

Hello! I will be in Osaka and Kyoto on Feb 29~ Mar 1. I'm from America and would love to find someone to have a day trip together!

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