Looking for a friend to hangout with at Universal Osaka Sept 2018!

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Hi there!
Hi my name is Minny, I'm 26 years young hehe and I am looking for a friend or friends to have a blast with at universal. I got the 1.5 day pass so the first day I will be at the aquarium and head to universal. The second day will be a full day of universal fun! I am also looking for a shopping partner on the next few days to hangout with, to experience the owl cafe with, and pig out with haha. Hopefully you are better at Japanese than I am (I don't know a whole lot). I look forward to hearing from you!

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July 19, 2018
14:52 EDT

Hey there, I'm in osaka in September also, what dates are you there?

I was also going into usj and the aquarium so would be nice to explore with someone else,

July 23, 2018
04:16 EDT

I will be going to the Aquarium on Sept 5th and then half day at universal, Sept 6th all day at universal, Sept 9th owl cafe and shopping around

August 21, 2018
13:16 EDT

Hey Minny!

I'm Mike from UK London, I'm coming to Japan in September for one whole month! I'm also looking for a travelling companion to go to USJ and around Osaka shopping.
I have brought a 1.5 day pass as well, but I intend to go on the 12/09 - 13/09, would you like to go together? Let me know kay? :D We can do shopping and explore all the foods there :3


August 22, 2018
00:53 EDT

Hey Mike,
I will be going to USJ on 5th and 6th and I wont be in Japan on 12 and 13th

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