Looking for travel buddy to Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka in March/April 2019

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I am a 20-year-old Singaporean female looking for a travel buddy (preferably female) to Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka in March/April 2019.

I really love the Japanese culture and I'm interested to go back after 10 years since I've been there.
The estimated duration will be around 7-10 days and i'm looking to stay at airbnbs or capsule hotels available in Tokyo!

I am rather adventurous and also an avid lover of Studio Ghibli and would love to visit the museum there! I can speak fluent English, Chinese and some Korean.

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December 19, 2018
19:01 EST

Heya, I'll be there during March and April, I'm also a lover of Studio Ghibli! :D

December 30, 2018
22:59 EST

Hello! I am a 23 years old Canadian and I will be in Japan from late March to late April and will be staying in those 3 cities. It's not my first trip to Japan so I know how to get around, and I know some basic Japanese.

If you haven't found a buddy yet, you can tag along with me for a while, since I have everything planned already. (:

January 02, 2019
09:49 EST


May I know around which dates you will be in those 3 cities? Also, since you mentioned that you have planned everything out, may I get a basic gist of how your itinerary is like? Because i have not not planned anything out yet!

January 02, 2019
12:48 EST

I'll be in Osaka from March 26 to March 30th, in Kyoto from March 31st to April 8th and in Tokyo from April 9th to April 17th. You can communicate with me via email at versicolor@hotmail.ca to make things easier. I'll also be able to share my google doc of my full itinerary with you (:

January 10, 2019
05:08 EST

Hi! I am David, 25yrs Singaporean male solo travelling from Tokyo from 7th to 11th April. Would already be travelling 2 weeks prior in hokkaido, Osaka and Kyoto with other friends, but they are leaving on the 7th. Main interest would be food, though i would be open to group activities too. Do hit me up if you are open to a travel partner:)

January 21, 2019
14:36 EST

Hi there! I'm a 27 Singaporean Male working in the UK. Flying to Tokyo from the 10th to the 16th (departing on the 16 to Kyoto to meet up with some other friends from Singapore). If our dates match, maybe we can hang out/meet for the Tokyo leg? Nothing planned as of yet for my Tokyo leg, but may have some ideas/plans in mind, so we could probably visit some places together if we have the same places to go.

February 27, 2019
01:21 EST

hi, ill be arrive to japan on 4th april
it will be my first time in japan and first time to travel alone. im male 27, and i can speak hokkian, probably you could too :)
please let me know if i could tag along.

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