Mid to late Aug 2018 travel to Japan

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I am 38y-Old- female and living in Switzerland. Planning to be Japan in mid-Aug. (16th-27th)
My plan is to visit Tokyo, NIkko, Kazanawa, Kyoto and surrounding. If you are also looking for a travel mate please contact me. :)

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M l
August 16, 2018
08:35 EDT

Hi there. 19 year old student from America visiting Japan. I will be down for a travel buddy though keep in mind I am traveling on a budget. Let me know.

August 16, 2018
13:26 EDT

Hey, when will you be in Japan
I will be in Kyoto and Osaka area 20-25 Aug and would like to explore the town mainly in the afternoons or evenings,
I aleady booked some day trips feel free to jointhose as well if it matches your time and biget.

October 11, 2018
04:30 EDT

hey there
will you be in tokyo around 31st october till 5th nov?
i would like to join you.

M l
August 16, 2018
13:43 EDT

Currently I am in Tokyo and will remain here for the next week or so because after that I am planning on going to okanawa for wwoofing.
If you prefer exploring the town and city I recommend doing it on a bike and without a tour as I have been doing it. It's not only cheaper but better since you are discovering lots of places by accident often times

August 16, 2018
13:49 EDT

Thanks for the recommendation, I agree, touring around by bike can be fun but I have very limited time and I am trying to explore alot of places. I am atvthe moment in Yokyo but would spend most if the time with my Japanese friend otherwise we could catch up in Tokyo

M l
August 16, 2018
14:08 EDT

Thinking about it. I can push my plans a week and make time for Kyoto if you are willing to travel on bus due to it being cheaper. We could explore Kyoto and Osaka on the days you have plan but if we have a chance I would like to meet first before heading to Kyoto and make an plan together?

August 17, 2018
23:01 EDT

Hi Michael

Sorry for late reply, I was touring around for the last 2 day.
I have booked hotels and some tours in Osaka and Kyoto. I also bought a JR train thicket which i have to use it otherwise it would be wasted.
If you can make it to Kyoto by bus on 21st we can plan some activities.
If you are i terested I can share with you which tours I have already booked.
To meet up in Tokyo I can do it only tomorrow morning as I am going to other city.
What’s your idea?

December 19, 2018
06:04 EST

Hello friend

I am young, educated and very decent business guy 39. I travel all world for my business if you like we can be travel companion because i have business exibition in tokyo between 18th. March 2019 to 21st. March 2019.


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