Tokyo 8th - 15th Feb 2019

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Going to Tokyo, Japan on 8th to 15th Feb. 29yo Singaporean guy here. Looking for travel mates to explore the city together.
Very limited understanding of Japanese so my proudest achievement was negotiating at a flea market .
Let me know if anyone is heading there too!

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January 18, 2019
21:51 EST

Hey there!
I'm a local Singaporean Indian girl too. I'll be in Japan from 11th :)

I'm quite lost too and doing solo for the first time. Would you want to be lost together? Haha

Gaurav Jain
February 02, 2019
12:12 EST

Hi..I am an Indian guy who is also travelling first time to Japan...I am quite confuse what all places to explore...let me know if we can explore places together...

February 11, 2019
22:11 EST

Hi! Where in Japan would you like to Explore? I would be glad to explore Japan together

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