Travel buddy to Tokyo or Osaka in April or May 2025

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- 30-40 y.o. -
From May 09, 2025 to May 17, 2025

I'm Leon in my 30s, Chinese, from Singapore.

Planning to go Tokyo or Osaka in April or May 2025, not going this year due to expensive air ticket if travel on May or June 2024.

Trip to Tokyo will be on a budget, MAX hotel rate will be 11,000 YEN per night.

Hope to find travel buddy soon so that we can arrange early to avoid expensive air ticket and accommodation.
The dates I selected is just a Draft date, can change later.

Male or female a small group are welcome to contact me so we can discuss further

Gender, race, nationality does not matter.

I'm from Singapore, Chinese, if you are in Singapore or Malaysia will be great, we can meetup for discussion!

By gohleon Posted on January 23, 2024 Related topics:
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laura anne cooke
January 23, 2024

Last year I was in Tokyo and Kyoto and loved it! I travelled alone and made many friends despite speaking no Japanese apart from very basic polite greetings etc. Next, I want to go back to both Tokyo and Kyoto but also have in mind Osaka as when I was in Paris I saw a magazine which featured this City and it looked uber cool and fun.
Last visit I had wanted to see the Fireflies and felt that it must be fate for me to return since I didn't manage to fit this into my schedule.
The Art galleries, Food and Shopping are all incredible and the accommodation is outstanding. I don't mind paying more for accommodation myself as this is part of the experience for me as I usually live quite simply and I want to thank the country for letting me visit by spending money! That being said even with this in mind Japan is much more fun than Europe because the exchange rate is more favourable. I hope you find someone to explore with but if not you may be pleasantly surprised at how liberating it is to travel independently, especially in Japan where it is safe, clean and the people are so kind! I HEART JAPAN!

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January 26, 2024

Hi, I am Sandra, I find interest in your profile. Please write to me at my email address ( so that I will introduce myself with my pictures and tell you my reason for contacting you.
or you can also give me your email address so that I can contact you there.

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