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Jack Dom is making an impact on the internet since 2015, and I love to give success to worlds best website Design Company "SI3 Digital Agency"


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Bryan Chua

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20-year old Singaporean who loves to travel, especially to Japan. Has been Studying Japanese for a year, about JLPT N3 proficiency. I will be going to Japan in November 2019, likely to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo etc.

Frederico Paranhos

i am travelling to Japan during Xmas and NYE and would like to meet up with locals for the best sightseeing and visiting there


Japan Born, American Raised, Military Brat Will Always Love Japanese Culture Would Love to meet new tomodachis :)


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Love natural sceneries, outdoor activities


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Enjoying whatever I have. Amateur photographer.


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Planning Japan trip for Hanami season 2019! 1 month traveling from south to north (Following sakura's AND good temperatures :D)