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1 Isshoni request
Industrial engineering Student Curious for new stuff Playing Ukulele


Migrated to USA in 1984. Am a medical technologist and work in a couple of hospitals in Long Island, New York. Have been divorced for three years, my mother lives with me , in my house. I love to travel and having a travelling companion makes it really attractive. Am willing to subsidize the companion's expense.


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Fond of Japanese gastronomy, Marjorie travels to Japan regularly since 2009. She loves finding out new attractive spots: temple, garden, museum or hiking in the mountains... as long as she can taste the local specialty!


Married, 49 years old, Christian seeking Japanese Christian male pen pals to learn more about the Japanese culture. I was stationed at Camp Fuji (while in the U.S.M.C) for 1 year and enjoyed the culture so much.


Hi I'm Christina, a 20 year old college student from California. I plan on traveling in Japan Sept 2-23 or so. I also plan to visit Korea as well! I have a few places in Japan I would like to specifically visit, but am so open to travel anywhere you'd like to go as well! I have studied Japanese in college, so my survival Japanese will be okay. If I had a travel partner, I would appreciate it so much! Related Interests: Kpop choreo, Japanese language, culture, pop culture


Travelling in Japan for a month and want friends to hangout with!


Travelling to Japane May 15 to june 10th