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I am a student in High School studying Japanese. I am also going on an exchange trip to Japan at the end of 2019!


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As an Airline pilot I travel alot. Really looking forward to my upcoming trip, 10 days, to Japan! April 17-27 Not looking for a date! Just traveling companions.


Find good travel companion

Jona Marie

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No longer available fir partnering.

Ira Zar

I just student from Prague, and really want to see Japan with someone


Interested in meeting People to chat about robotics, artificial intelligence, writing projects... I'm a big fan of "Ghost in the Shell," and all things A.I. I would like to also be able to practice Japanese language with people, and also teach English if the person wishes. I am a Buddhist, and very much open to learn about Shinto. I would one day like to come to Japan to teach English. looking to start cultural exchange with like minded Japanese people.


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Student in Tokyo