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I am a french girl who wants to visit Japan since a long long time. Because it is more fun to travel together I am looking for someone for some visits or for the all the trip.


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Avid Hiker, Camper, Bush-Walker and Traveller. I enjoy the outdoors and being in country side.


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Sword maker and MartialArtist


Frequent traveller to Japan. Manage to comprehand the complicated rail network and successfully arriving the destination every time.


education, learning, innovation, entrepreneurship, travel, meaning of life, giving something back, fun


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Caucasian male, self-employed, educated, well-traveled. Preparing for my fourth visit to Japan, in April 2019. Looking for a companion to visit Kobe-Osaka area, Fukui, Kanazawa, Nagano, Nagoya and Tokyo, but I'm flexible about adjusting my itinerary. Flying into Osaka. Returning to North America by ship from Yokohama to Vancouver, sailing on 28 April: a re-positioning voyage, very cheap, willing to share that too if you're interested.