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I am a middle aged (54) year old professional male who is well traveled and enjoys the finer elements of travel. I am somewhat socially reserved, but I am opinionated on some social issues. I am generally liberal politically, but socially conservative. Sports, health, the outdoors, and are my passion. However, I do like the hustle and bustle of city life. I am not into social websites. I am a private person.


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A fervent foodie, unabashed binge watcher and travel enthusiast looking to travel to Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka (flexible) Oct 5-12. This is my first time traveling to Japan and also my first time traveling solo internationally. Looking for a travel companion :)


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Robert Victor

Single Plumbing and Heating Business Owner Travel, lovely lady, cigar, good car, swimming and overall healthy life.


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Hello I'm looking for a pen pal


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