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Via Isshoni, which means "together" in Japanese, you can find travel companions to share time with you in Japan, whether for an entire trip or shorter times.

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  • 25August - 26September 2018: Tokyo experiences! Crazy and Funn

    - Hello! I have been several times in Japan, but this time I am not going for work, study... My plan: enjoy! Plan to make nice videos/photos about cool, weird or traditional things in Japan: Old restaurants, kimono, karaoke, eating with sumo wrestlers, helicopter,...
  • Looking for friends to go on adventures with KYOTO/NARA/KOBE/OSAKA SEPT 2018

    - Hey guys, My name is Minny, 26 years young. I will be travelling with Dad to Kyoto-Nara-Kobe-Osaka this september. Hopefully you will be able to speak some Japanese cuz dad and I can't. If you can't let's get lost together! The plan is to spend two days in Kyoto temple...
  • March 2019 - Tokyo-Hakuba-Kyoto-Naoshima Trip

    - Planning a week's skiing in Hakuba followed by a 2-week road trip south, and return to Tokyo in March 2019. I am interested in an English-speaking (young) companion to help get the most out of this experience!
  • Foodie / Relax / Explore / Interested in Fuji Mountain area or Hokkaido in mid Aug 2018

    - I am mid 30 woman from Taiwan who speaks fluent English, fluent Mandarin & Taiwanese, basic German and a little bit Japanese. I plan to visit Japan from 11th to 22nd AUG and wanna explore some parts I haven't been, it will be my 10th trip to Japan and this time I prefer a...
  • Looking for a Travel Buddy in Tokyo From late July to early August 2018

    - Hi, I'm 22 y/o, Just graduated French, speaking English and knowing some word in Japanese (but not enough to make a sentence) looking for a Travel Buddy in Tokyo from late July to early August. I'm planning to visit museum (e.g the Ghibli one), watch structures made of...
  • Someone to go to Japan during a month at the beginning of 2019

    - I don't want to go alone to a country i don't know the language even if i am in love with, i asume as me other people had The same feeling. I am a 25 years old Guy Who love to travel and already have been in half of The globe, i speak 5 languages (2 of then useless) and...
  • Companion in Kyoto 1st week july 2018

    - Dear peeps, I am a 30s male doctor from Australia.Just looking for a companion during my Kyoto trip in 1st week july. Thanks
  • Looking for a friend to hangout with at Universal Osaka Sept 2018!

    - Hi there! Hi my name is Minny, I'm 26 years young hehe and I am looking for a friend or friends to have a blast with at universal. I got the 1.5 day pass so the first day I will be at the aquarium and head to universal. The second day will be a full day of universal fun!...
  • Looking for Travelmates in middle of August 2018 near Tokyo

    - Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by, my name is Marco i am a 24 year old student from Germany. From 10th to 27th of August i ll be in Japan. I have nothing planed in particular yet, so I am open for new stuff and inspirations. For more information feel free to...
  • Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo in June 2018

    - Looking for travel companion this June 20-29 2018. Will start at Osaka for 3 days and then Kyoto for 2 days and Tokyo for 4 days

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