Anyone wants to travel to Japan together in November or December 2018?

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This is my first post and my travel time is not fixed yet. I'm serving National Service in Singapore so I'm taking leave to travel, hence travel time is flexible.

I'm 19 Male from Singapore looking to explore as many interesting sites and activities as possible. I'm open for activity suggestions. Last time I traveled to Tokyo I visited many animal cafes and the WWII war museum. I prefer interesting places to tourist attractions, so I preferred Osaka's aquarium to Disneyland, for example.

I intend to travel for 7 days in November or December, it also depends on the price of budget flight tickets. My budget is not tight, but I prefer not to splurge on expensive meals or tickets. If you want to stay together, I prefer ABNB residence.

Please feel free to give suggestions or ask questions

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October 07, 2018
11:16 EDT

Hi! I'm planning to visit Osaka this November 2018 probably last week. I'm just looking for travel buddy first before finalizing everything... Haha

October 13, 2018
21:52 EDT

Hi there! Have you decided on your travel dates, yet? I'm looking for someone to hang out with/explore for a day in Tokyo. I have been before, and will be back from November 23-27th!

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