Japan-South Korea-Taiwan Summer 2019

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Hi! I plan on going back to Japan this july-august 2019 and i'd love to complete this trip with in South Korea, Singapour or Taiwan, for 4 weeks in total. Havent set the itinerary yet so open to all kind of ideas! That will be my 3rd time in Japan, this time i`m looking forward to visit Okinawa island at some point of the trip.
So i'm looking for someone who would like to team up for this trip or a part of it, splitting the accommodation (airbnb mainly), enjoy good food together and have fun visiting the country! Someone between 25 to 40 preferably and please note that i'm no good with persons too much on party or hyperactive ;)
I'm already in contact with someone that will be in japan the first 2 weeks of july, would be great to find someone to complete this nice trip!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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March 09, 2019
20:59 EST

Hey - email is mehenderson82@gmail.com if it is easier to communicate through email. Cheers. Michael

March 10, 2019
21:23 EDT

Heya, I'll be in Japan during April and May. Definitely looking to visit some places I've never been before. So far on my list are Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kagoshima and Kyoto. I want to check out the cherry blossoms in each place if I can! You can message me on Instagram, LINE or wechat. My ID is jzhang172.

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