Japan Travel Late March - April 2020

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Hello, looking for anyone planning to travel in late march - april for 2 weeks.

Male in my 20s from southern california. Interested in sightseeing, anime, and food.

This will be my first time visiting Japan. If interested we can chat!

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January 03, 2020
22:45 EST

I'm going for a trip across Japan from 5th April, starting in Tokyo.
I'm 31, male from Australia

January 03, 2020
23:50 EST

I'll be in Japan for 2 1/2 weeks in April, starting and ending in Tokyo. Second visit to Japan, open to anything activity-wise. Male, 33, from Germany.
Hit me up if interested!

February 01, 2020
18:15 EST

Going for japan from two weeks in the beginning April....
Female From Indonesia, open for hangouts or just leisure picnic time enjoying sakura

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