Hi, I'm Josephine and I'm a 25 yr old female in California planning a trip to Japan in the last 2 weeks of October 2017. I plan to go solo but am looking for a potential buddy to meet and travel with (preferably female but not limited). I am a fan of anime and especially Studio Ghibli. I love hiking, shopping, parks, temples & shrines, gardens, museums, parks, a bit of city life, aquariums. My budget is about $~3,000USD. I am an early riser and would like to get my day started early to cover as much as possible. I am a forward-planner but I can be flexible.

Main cities: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kawaguchiko (or Hakone), Kamakura

Haneda Airport
10/18 - 10/21
Tokyo (4 days, 4 nights)
10/21: Nikko day trip

10/22 - 10/25
Kyoto (4 days, 4 nights)
10/25: Kibun & Kurama day trip

Osaka (1 day,1 night)

10/27 - 10/28
Hiroshima (2 days, 1 night)
Depart back to Tokyo

Kawaguchiko or Hakone


10/31 Haneda airport

If you're interested in accompanying me and want more details, I'd love to get in contact. Feel free to comment here !

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Posted by chibimaru17
25 y/o F about to start health professional school. Lover of Japan since 13 years old. Love learning about new cultures and languages, trying new food, meeting new interesting people.
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