Native Japanese speaker looking for travel companion in June 2019

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Hello! I'm 20 years old female student from Japan. I moved to Canada for study couple years ago and i'm thinking of going to Japan during my summer vacation. Since I don't have friends and family there so i'll just be myself but going by myself is boring so i'm looking for someone who can travel and enjoy time with me in Japan I'm thinking of going around end of June for 2 weeks.
I want to go to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo I like shopping and taking picture for Instagram.
I also like Harajuku fashion and Japanese subculture so I want to go to some fun niche places!
I'm a native Japanese speaker so I can help you communicate in Japan If you are interested please message me or leave comments! Thank you!

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March 16, 2019
13:23 EDT

Hi, can you text me on Facebook
I’m 18 yo, I’m from Czech Republic, Prague, and I would love to go to Japan this summer

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