Nov 20 - Dec 10, 2018 // Female traveler in Japan

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Im a 23 yo French Canadian that want to travel approx nov 20 - dec 10 to Japan. My english is really good.

I love photography, food and I travel from distance. I am willing to do any activity - especially in the day time. I am not that much of a big party animal.

I would like to find a female travel buddy with lots of energy. :)

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October 13, 2018
21:49 EDT

Hi there! Where in Japan will you be hanging out? I will be in Tokyo November 23-27 and probably Sapporo (but not sure!) from the 28-30th! I love food, Japanese culture, exploring and cute things! My hobbies when not traveling are boxing, dancing and cooking.

Hoping to hear back!

October 19, 2018
09:09 EDT

Hello! I know you said you're looking for female travel partners but there doesn't seem to be anyone else's trips who coincide with mine besides yours! I'll be in Japan from 28 Nov to 30 December and I'm looking to travel to the Hiroshima - Kyushu region. If you are interested we could arrange to hang out or something! :)

November 07, 2018
01:11 EST

Hi! I'm female and 19 years old. Filipino-Japanese but I don't know much Japanese. English is my first language. I'm going alone to Disneysea on Nov. 29. I'd love it if someone would go with me for the entire day. I love big rides too and don't easily get tired. :) I'd love for you to join me!

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