Sakura Travel buddy in late March - April 2023

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- 18-30 y.o. -
From March 27, 2023 to April 05, 2023

Hi, I am from Malaysia, and will be travelling alone to Japan from 27 March to 5 April.

Bucket list: Sakura viewing, temples, onsen, kimono experience, Mount Fuji, and visit the deers at Nara Park.

Anyone whose interested please reach out! I will be booking capsule hotels and low-cost hotels FYI.

By Janie Posted on March 15, 2023 Related topics:
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March 16, 2023

Hey there,

I'm Arya, late 20s, India. Travelling to Japan for a week or two in April 2023, dates flexible. Although I have the Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara route in my mind, I am open to switching to an offbeat circuit to beat the tourist rush, especially for the cherry blossoms. Looking to explore Edo neighbourhoods, shrines, hikes and culture, but also working in a trip to studio Ghibli or cosplay gokarting and the kind. Some transportation budgeting ideas are in place. I think it's amazing you are booking capsule hotels, I might be opting for that as well. Please let me know if you are interested, I'd be delighted to have the company.

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Dr Sailendra N…
March 16, 2023

I am a JICA trainee, visited Japan for three months Jan-Mar 2003, a unique and life time experience and sharing with my best countrymen Japanese people of different prefecture from Tokyo to Aomori, where my pen friend Hiromi Yoneya (1974-1980) lives, visited her mother.
I now want to extend similar support and help to Japanese people visiting India, specially Kolkata. I have one furnished bhk flat at New Town (8kms from air port), where they can stay comfortably. They may contact me thru Kanpai or directly with intimation to Kanpai.

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March 16, 2023

That's wonderful to learn, Dr. Sailendra. And very kind of you.

Would you perhaps still happen to have any contacts in Japan who could guide me during the trip?


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Dr Sailendra N…
March 16, 2023

Delighted to know that at ur so early age u have thought of visiting Japan in Apr, best season for cherry blossom.
Currently, i have very few contacts, who are based at yokohama and kyoto but aged, may not be much helpful.
Ine thing I can assure you that japanese people are very honest and helpful...they will help you at every stage, beside u can take guide from Kanpai. Police and help kyosk at air port, fly stn, road corner are.much helpful with maps etc.
Only thing price a bit high in reg to india.
However, I must try to find contacts for you, my mail add is
My all best wishes for visiting best country and people in the world.

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March 17, 2023

Dr. Sailendra,

I'm grateful for your warm response and thank you for helping so graciously. Japan is a beautiful place and a lovely people, and I am thrilled to visit.

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Dr Sailendra N…
March 17, 2023

Getting visa in time sometime becomes difficult, pl take care of that. Otherwise no problem.
Once i get some connection, will let you know. I am based in Kolkata, which place u belong to, share ur mail id, if not a problem.

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