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From October 01, 2021 to November 01, 2021

Like everyone else, we want to travel but we're on the edge of our seats waiting to see how the pandemic progresses. With that in mind, this plan is not firm yet. In October, my adult son wants to enter a bicycle event in Japan that usually lasts 11 days. The route changes each year so, at the moment, the start and stop locations are not known. Nor has the event been confirmed.... that will depend on where the pandemic goes. Hopefully by end of summer, the organizers can make a decision plus I think the olympics will determine whether Japan feels it's safe to allow foreigners this fall.

My hopes are to accompany him to Japan and slowly travel across country along his route so that I can shoot photography and enjoy a little sightseeing along the way. It'll involve moving every couple days and using local trains and buses for transportation. I plan to stay on after he completes to visit other areas to shoot photos and I expect the entire trip will be about one month. Let me mention that my son will not be allowed to accept any help or support from me during the event so he'll be staying on his own as he pedals across country.

I am a 64 year old male, in good condition who feels very comfortable in Japan. My travel buddy should be closer to my age (I prefer 50 or older) so that we may have more in common. I'm open to male or female and ask that we share lodging expenses along the way. Once the bicycle event is finished, I may find an AirBnB for weekly stays to save money and the hassle of hauling belongings everywhere. I'm thinking about some volunteer work as well. That will be determined later when I know whether this trip will work or not. I typically prefer to travel with a female when I shoot photos as they have a different artistic perspective than men and that helps me shoot different types of images than I normally choose on my own. I have a squeaky clean background and I'm respectful. I am not looking for a romantic relationship or hook-up. This is absolutely a platonic arrangement.

I plan to utilize budget lodging as long as they are clean and safe which is the norm in Japan. With that in mind, I suspect most of our lodging will be in business hotels or capsules. We might even splurge a time or two for something upscale to celebrate but that would be a decision for my travel buddy and myself to agree on. Meals, drinks, and transportation will be individually paid. We don't have to be together day and night.... the company will be welcome but if one of us has a different interest when we arrive in an area, we can always part for a time and then get together later. I'm flexible.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

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December 13, 2023

I saw your post and I am interested in travelling together, you can email me at ( gmezst@gmail.com ) if you don't mind for further arrangements

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