Tokyo Disney and Disneysea in JUNE 2019!

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I’m a 24yo, Male, dance teacher from Melbourne, AUS. I will be in Tokyo from June 8th-13th and would love to spend a day at Disneyland and one at DisneySea (as well as other things). I have been to both parks before but this will be my first time there while travelling solo. I love solo travel but the thought of doing the Disney parks alone doesn’t seem so great :( if there’s anyone who will be in Tokyo at the same time and would love to check out the parks with me please let me know! I’m also down to do pretty much everything else Tokyo has to offer so if you need someone to tag along, IM YOUR GUY.

A little about me:
- Dancer
- Adventurous
- Great talker
- Spontaneous
- Overly excited
- Disney Buff
- Vegetarian

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April 23, 2019
14:31 EDT

Hey Aaron

My name is Lisanne from the Netherlands I will be alone in Japan too (was supposed to go with a friend but she cancelled) but I Disney was on our to do list and I still want to go. I would go alone but I rather go with someone. I am there at the same as you.

Let me know!!

May 21, 2019
11:15 EDT

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