Two weeks in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka) in October 2022

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- 30-40 y.o. -
From October 04, 2022 to October 18, 2022

If the COVID gods allow it I will be traveling solo to Japan in early October (flights currently booked for 10/4-10/18). I'm an adept traveler when alone, but something about the perceived magic of Japan makes me feel like I would appreciate a travel companion to share at least parts of it with.

Right now the only thing with confirmed dates are my flight in and out of Japan. The rest is pretty open. I like to plan trips just enough to make sure priorities or special requests are being met, but outside of that I love getting lost in a neighborhood and just walking into venues that catch my attention from the street.

My priorities for this trip:
- LOTS of food and drinks. I am a very adventurous eater (think Andrew Zimmern levels) and will go way off-course for good food or drinks. I also seem to have a bottomless pit for a stomach when on vacation. It's a blessing and a curse.
- Historic culture. I want to make sure I see some shrines, torii gates, etc. while on this trip. I don't want to spend my entire trip in urban chaos and miss out on experiencing the rich and deep history of Japan.
- Nightlife. I'm not a big dance club guy, but I definitely want to play lookiloo in the more 'out-there' bars and lounges the country has to offer. I also really love a good dive bar.
- Ryokan/onsens. I WILL at some point be trying to stay at a ryokan with private onsens. Right now Hakone Ginku has my interest. This is an item on the list I'd really like to splurge on. Soaking endlessly in a terrace bath with pristine views of mountains and landscapes needs to happen for me after the past two-ish years.

Other things I'd really love to do:
- Take in an NPB game, (or sumo practice, since October isn't a match month)
- Visit Hiroshima
- Hit lots and LOTS of markets
- Eat hairy crab in Hakodate
- Take in a tea ceremony
- Play pachinko

About me: I'm a 34 year old guy, born and raised in LA. I work as a Creative Manager for Snapchat, and spend my free time cooking, making music, or shooting photos. I am LGBTQ+ friendly, do not tolerate any kind of hate speech, and have very progressive/liberal political views. I tend to be a little shy at first, but open up quickly over a couple of beers or shots of sake. I am a pretty optimistic and easy-going person, but I am very hung up on manners (especially when traveling abroad) and will go out of my way to make sure my visit is not an imposition on the locals. I hope to find a travel companion who feels the same way.

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March 22, 2022

Hello there! I'm in a similar position, targeting going to Japan in the fall during Koyo season if the covid situation opens up. I'm going solo but wouldn't mind traveling together in certain parts if things line up and having a partner once a while. My main goals are to see the changing colors of course, visiting Kyoto as I've never seen a more beautiful place during the fall, visiting country sides, mountain onsens. I don't drink personally but would sip and like to taste different alcohol beverages if chance presents itself. Also open to going to nightlife for sure as I enjoy having fun! I'm into photography/filming, outdoor activities, music and culture etc. 28, M. Not sure if allowed, but I'll leave my insta for future contact: jzhang172xEncore

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July 06, 2022

Hello my name is Anna from USA I will like you to write to me direct to my mailbox ana_ from there I will reply you with more details and pictures

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August 10, 2022

Hello there,

I will be in tokyo on a short work assignment from Oct 10 to Nov 12 (covid willing). I wouldnt mind catching up in the evenings for some of the fun activities mentioned above. Or for a weekend trip to Kyoto to soak in the temples and more lovely japanese food. I can hold my drinks and pretty open to trying out various foods ( no dietary restrictions ). I am an Indian national aged 39, living in Dubai since past 12 years. Please do write to me at to plan further details. Cheers!

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