The best anime/manga school/institute in Japan ?

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My name is Devender Pal, I want to learn Animation and Manga. I've searched a lot but didn't get a right answer, since Japan is the best place to learn anime and other arts, I want to get admission in the top anime school or college.

Please help me with the name of worlds best anime/animation/manga college/school/institution.

Thanks and regards

Devender Pal

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August 10, 2018
04:19 EDT

Hello Devender!

Great idea!

As manga/anime schools are mostly in Japanese, you have to get a good level of Japanese language. The best school will also depends on your own criteria of research, however here are some top schools in Japan:
Kyoto Seika University and Tokyo Polytechnic University (Manga Department).

An interesting option for you (unless your Japanese language is already good), you can enter a Japanese language school which also gives manga/anime classes, such as Human Academy in Tokyo or Mangajuku Manga School.

Good luck with your research, hoping this helps :)

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