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What happens if you get Covid-19 during holiday in Japan?

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Planning on a holiday later in November, what happens if I get Covid when I am there? I see online clear…

How to send a published book of mine to the Emperor of Japan?

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My question is - How do I send a published book of mine to the Emperor of Japan. Hello, My name is Melvin…

Quarantine on arrival in Japan when visiting Japan in July 2022 as a Japanese spouse?

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I am married with a Japanese but we are living abroad we like to come to visit the family and do some…

Japanese Only Beta and Sensitivity Readers Wanted for Writing Right ?

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Greetings! I'm a writer and teacher. Two of the supporting characters in my current work-in-progress is a…

What should I wear late December in Japan?

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i'll be in japan from october to 26th of december. i can't handle copd really well,so in december should i…

Exactly how much THC is allowable in CBD oil in Japan?

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I recently became aware that CBD oil is legal in Japan. My question is: What percent of THC is allowed in CBD…

Market shopping in Hachinohe?

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I am going to Japan, Hachinohe and I want to know if there is something like spree markets (lot of markets…

Working in Japan as a software developer without a bachelor's degree?

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Hello My name is Miguel and I would like to know if i would have a chance of getting a work in japan with 4…

The best anime/manga school/institute in Japan ?

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Hi, My name is Devender Pal, I want to learn Animation and Manga. I've searched a lot but didn't get a…

What monthly salary is enough to live in Japan?

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I was offered to work in a Japanese company at a monthly salary of 206700 Yens. Is this amount enough to…


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What kind of non-academic classes do Japanese parents often enroll their children in?

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I'm talking about children ages 3-6 or something. In my country, parents often enroll their children in…

Is it normal to find a sexually explicit magazine at a local hair dresser in Japan ?

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I have visited Japan for various reasons about 15 times and the last time was to get married. On this visit I…

Salary for maid cafe job in Japan?

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How much do said workers get paid for said maid cafe job

What does bowing mean?

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Hello I believe that many Americans don't understand the meaning of a simple bowing to someone. Does it…