What is this Japanese movie about a salt crusted fish stuffed with chrysanthemum petals?

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Hi, back in 1996-2000 I saw a Japanese movie that my grandmother was watching. She has since passed away but she loved that movie. I dont remember everything except that it looked older but might not be. There was a female restaurant owner that enlisted the help of a Male chef to save her restaurant. I remember he used to go to specific places to get his ingredients and one of the dishes was a salt crusted fish stuffed with chrysanthemum petals. He also made some kind of grilled sea bream fish. Anyway, I am older now and would like to know the name of the movie so I can research the food (she always wanted to taste the food from the movie) and hope to visit Japan to eat it for her. And of course I want to watch it in remembrance of her. Thank you

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