Why there is no margarine in Japan? At least I didn't find it anywhere except our hotels breakfast buffet which has japanese-italian dishes. Is it true that there is only butter to put on breads etc? Or if there is, where I can found it? I also noticed that there is no ryebread.

I'm from Finland and have been in Tokyo 3 times (4th coming next month) and I always carry my own ryebreads and margarine with me when going Japan so my stomach works properly :D (my stomach doesn't like wheat and so many japanese foods contains wheat so I need my ryebreads with me lol)

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June 05, 2019
04:07 EDT

Hello dai96 ! Interesting question. As some ethical way of life such as vegan and/or macrobiotics are increasing in Japan, there are now substitutes. This website would probably really help you :

Enjoy your trip in Tokyo !

August 08, 2019
20:30 EDT

I am having margarine everyday for breakfast! We are usually buying neosofuto, but there are other kinds available. Probably better to look for it in supermarkets though.

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