What should girls wear as business attire in Japan?

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I'm going to Japan in a little over a month and I'm starting the preparation process. I would like to know what should I wear as I am going there for buisiness. I was thinking a pants suit type of outfit. I want to buy those semi-skinny jean looking pants. They aren't skinny jeans and they're not skin tight like leggings, they are just smaller at the bottom rather than flowy. I'd rather not have the bottom of my pants dragging the floor. They are said to be for buisiness attire, but my friend is telling me they won't be appropriate. She said it's buisiness casual, not buisiness. I looked up a picture of Japanese sold pants suits and they sold the same style of pants that I wanted, but my friend made me worry about the decision. I wish I could insert a picture to show what I mean, but if I could get an answer of what I should wear, that would be greatly appreciated.

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