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The Works of Hayao Miyazaki – A Study by Gael

The Master of Japanese Animation - Third Editions

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Long-time readers of Kanpai may have notice our keen interest for Studio Ghibli. Indeed, Gael, the founder and editorial manager of the website, extensively wrote reviews and thorough analysis of the famous Japanese animation studio’s works, initially published in French on Kanpai, in 2012.

In spring 🌸 2017, Mehdi El Kanafi, the co-founder of Third Editions, a publishing house specialized in analytical studies on video games and pop culture, offered Gael the opportunity to publish a book about Hayao Miyazaki and his work, based on the previously written articles. An offer that Gael immediately accepted as he has been a fan of the artist for more than twenty years, and out of consideration for his friendship with Mehdi and respect for his entrepreneurship.

The goal was set: rewrite these analysis and proceed to an in-depths research to explore all aspects of Miyazaki on a larger extent. The result was a 200-page book dedicated to the emperor of Japanese animation published in July 2018.

Given the tremendous success of the book, with several reeditions since the first publication, it was decided to translate the study in English. In March 2020 a Kickstarter campaign was thus launched and successfully ended to allow the publishing of The Works of Hayao Miyazaki - The Master of Japanese Animation in early 2021.

Overview of The Works of Hayao Miyazaki

The following aspects are covered in The Works of Hayao Miyazaki:

  1. A long biography of Hayao Miyazaki to explore his many personal and professional facets, including the lesser known,
  2. A detailed history of Studio Ghibli’s creation and its evolutions over time,
  3. A focus on Ghibli Museum, its original short movies and the future Ghibli Park in Aichi,
  4. The analysis of 14 of Miyazaki’s major works, from The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun (or The Little Norse Prince, 1968) to The Wind Rises (2013),
  5. The biographies of 9 of his closest work partners during his career,
  6. A study of transverse themes in Miyazaki’s works, such as the place of women, the fondness for pigs, nature and the sky, as well as spirituality and war, and,
  7. Before the conclusion, the search of the possible successors to the animation master.

Book description

"Through his creativity, technical wizardry and talent for storytelling, Hayao Miyazaki has left an indelible mark on Japanese animation and world cinema. The animation master has been able to create magical worlds for a children's story or a darker tale. But he has also known how to cast a cynical and innocent look on a world and its societies undergoing great changes and facing grim futures.
And yet, his work is often reduced, firstly, to his handful of feature-length movies created under the auspices of Studio Ghibli, but also to a superficial view due to cultural elements that are extremely difficult to grasp for anyone outside of Japan.
This work, which explains biographical elements and presents Studio Ghibli and the master's entourage, will give you a detailed analysis of Hayao Miyazaki's works, decrypting their themes and offering transversal keys to their understanding."

Release and prices

The Works of Hayao Miyazaki is published by Third Editions in two hardcover versions and one digital format. The text content is exactly the same, however the print versions are highlighted by the illustrations of talented French artists we love at Kanpai:

Not sure yet? You can download a free sample from Third Editions Official Website.

We hope that this book will please Kanpai’s audience and those interested in Hayao Miyazaki and his exceptional works, as Gael put a lot of dedication in writing a tribute to this universal artist.

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