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Via Isshoni, which means "together" in Japanese, you can find travel companions to share time with you in Japan, whether for an entire trip or shorter times.

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  • Around tokyo 06-28th august 2019

    - Hello everybody, Im Willi, 24 years old, born in russia and living in Germany. Im planning to visit Japan for the first time from august and im actually searching for people to meet along, show the best places, bars and ramen stores, climb the mt. Fuji, go to...
  • Looking for Travel Companions in Japan in the Autumn 2019

    - Hello, My name is Jackie. I am 29 years old, male, and fluent in English and Spanish and I know a little bit of conversational Japanese. I am looking into getting a travel companion for a trip I am planning in the fall. I don't have hard date set yet, but i'm looking...
  • Mid april 2019 Trip to Japan

    - Hello everyone. I'm planning on making my first trip to Japan this April. Most likely from April 16th till the end of the month. I haven't fortified any plans yet, but I do have a couple things in mind. I enjoy new cultures, old cultures, food and exploration. I'm...
  • Looking for travel buddy in Osaka 10-16th Feb

    - My name is Aaron, 25 from London. Planning to go to Osaka as there's lots to see there! Free to wonder anywhere else too
  • Japan trip from 27th April to 11th may from Sidney

    - Hey guys, traveling to Japan for holiday as mentioned in above dates looking for someone who can easily mingle and travel with me in mentioned dates. Name : shekar Age : 29 Gender : Male No smoking habits at all. Drinking - Yes but if someone who's accompanying doesn...
  • Travel with me April 2-9, 2019 in Tokyo??

    - I am looking for someone who would like to hang out with me in Tokyo. I booked my trip back in September with my husband but since then have separated, thus I am alone and nervous as I usually travel with someone. I could not get a refund so I am still going. I enjoy...
  • 25/M/NY Solo trip to Japan March-April 2019! Travel friends needed!

    - I'm making a trip to Japan on March 20th-April 10th, and I plan on visiting anything worth visiting in Tokyo, and surrounding areas. I have a very flexible itinerary and I've always wanted to visit Japan for the food, clothing, and culture! I'd love to get in touch with...
  • Tokyo 4-8 of Feb 2019 and Osaka, Kyoto 8-11 of Feb 2019

    - Looking for travel mates. I'm nghia, 25 years old from Vietnam. Will be great to explore this beautiful country with new friends.
  • All around Japan in April (2019)

    - Hello everyone, I'm a 33 year old German Business Analyst with a passion for Japan. I'll be travelling from end of March to early May this year from south to north, no real set initiary yet, and am looking for people to travel with or meet along the way. I've been 6...
  • Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Mt fuji - 31 March to 9 April 2019

    - Hi, I'm 23 years old female from Singapore. Looking for travel buddy to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Mt fuji.

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