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Via Isshoni, which means "together" in Japanese, you can find travel companions to share time with you in Japan, whether for an entire trip or shorter times.

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  • American Looking for Companions: Arrive 14 Apr - Wakayama, Nara, Kyoto, KinosakiOnsen, Tokyo - Depart 30 April 2019

    - First trip to Japan, but well-researched and comfortable in foreign lands. Activities planned most days, some native Japanese guides arranged, but evenings and other days are solo. - - Company would be nice (of any age or gender) for daytime activities and/or dinners ...
  • In Japan from 1st of April 2019. Starting in Tokyo.

    - Hello, starting 1st of April (actually make that 2nd, since I will probably be pretty much zombified after the long travel) I will be in Japan, starting in Tokyo's Edogawa ward and then making my way all around Japan by train. Current plans are Tokyo -> Osaka ->...
  • Japan adventure in July 2019

    - I’m a 24 year old female from the USA. I’m planning on going to Graduate school this fall. After having worked for two years I feel like I haven’t really done anything that I really wanted too in order to feed my soul. So I decided to book a trip to JAPAN! I’ll be there 7...
  • In Tokyo Mar 16-18, 2019, would like to meet someone who is traveling

    - Hi, I am Andy, i am in Japan and was going around the city yesterday alone and thought would be nice me explore with some travel companion.. ideally a girl who is interested in meeting and exploring the city together. Please get back so we can explore together.
  • Native Japanese speaker looking for travel companion in June 2019

    - Hello! I'm 20 years old female student from Japan. I moved to Canada for study couple years ago and i'm thinking of going to Japan during my summer vacation. Since I don't have friends and family there so i'll just be myself but going by myself is boring so i'm looking...
  • Japan April to July 2019!

    - Hey there! I am in my mid 20's, male and New Zealand born Japanese. I'll be travelling back to the homeland for a few months to travel anywhere and everyewhere in Japan. Itinerary is not presently set. Fleunt in both english and japanese so I should be useful atleast in...
  • A lady will be nice in December 2019 in Japan

    - Hi I am from Sydney want to Dec for 2 weeks I want to explore and enjoy Japan I am. Fussy with food like to share and enjoy.looking for a beautiful lady who wants to enjoy and explore shared etc please send me email and we can see how it can be worked out
  • Travel companion in Japan for April 2019?

    - Kia ora! I'm a kiwi gal in her mid twenties who's going to be traveling around Japan from April 1-26. I've been working in Hokkaido and am keen to explore more of the country! I have some locked in plans, and other flexible ones, but if you're down to adventure for a...
  • Educated person male or female to share experiences in beautiful Japan in may 2019

    - My request is seriois, I am not pretending to have a date. I am looking for an educated person like me who loves Japan and with whom I could share its beauties. Age is also important, as aI am a Spanish lady of 55 Ii speak Spanish, English, French, German, Greek and a...
  • A couple looking for partners for a road trip in Hokkaido, Japan on June 17-25, 2019

    - We are a couple ages 27 and 32 looking to travel in Hokkaido area by a car. We are low-mid budget and wish to stay in cheap hostels.

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