Japan Mar 21-31 Tokyo/Osaka/Wakayama/Himeji Castle/Matsumoto Castle/Nagoya

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Hi everyone, I’m a 44 yr old male from the U.S. Living near San Francisco taking a solo trip to Japan in the spring for some photography, eating, shopping, anime and some nightlife. My itinerary is pretty set but hoping to find like minded people who wouldn’t mind hanging out and sharing in the experience that is Japan. I am an early riser and plan do so on most days to get some early morning shots. I will be in Tokyo on Mar 21-24 & 31, Osaka Mar 24, Wakayama Mar 25, Kyoto Mar 26-30 (i’ll be traveling to Matsumoto Castle and Nagoya from Kyoto one of those days).

Anyone is welcomed to hang. English is my main language and I know minimal Japanese as I just started learning.

If you will be there any of those days, let me know and maybe we can meet up.

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