Nagoya Castle

The symbol of the city and its beautiful gardens

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Under renovation since 2009

Last stage to begin in 2019 and fish at the end of 2022: dismantlement and reconstruction of the main keep

Despite its status as the fourth largest city in Japan in terms of population size, Nagoya is often forgotten by travelers in Japan. I think it may be worth it to spend at least a day in the city, and its most obvious tourist destination is undoubtedly the castle 🏯.

Before entering Nagoya castle, you can enjoy a long walk in the large park that surrounds it. In autumn, the momiji 🍁 (red maple leaves) are very present and provide beautiful, well maintained and harmonious colors. Nagoya Castle Park attracts visitors especially during Ohanami in spring, with large amounts of sakura 🌸 flowers.

However, the castle itself is much less traditional. Destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt in 1959, its interior hides very modern infrastructure such as a lift. There is a museum detailing the history of the castle. Other adjacent buildings are also currently under reconstruction, with progressive openings up until 2018.

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By Kanpai Last Updated on September 03, 2020 Château de Nagoya