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Despite its status as the fourth largest city in Japan in terms of population size, Nagoya is often forgotten by travelers in Japan. I think it may be worth it to spend at least a day in the city, and its most obvious tourist destination is undoubtedly the castle.

Before entering Nagoya castle, you can enjoy a long walk in the large park that surrounds it. In autumn, the momiji (red maple leaves) are very present and provide beautiful, well maintained and harmonious colors. Nagoya Castle Park attracts visitors especially during Ohanami in spring, with large amounts of sakura flowers.

However, the castle itself is much less traditional. Destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt in 1959, its interior hides very modern infrastructure such as a lift. There is a museum detailing the history of the castle. Other adjacent buildings are also currently under reconstruction, with progressive openings up until 2018.

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How to get to Nagoya Castle

Meijo Line (subway) : Shiyakusho station then 3 minute walk

Opening hours

Ppen daily from 9am to 4:30pm (last admission at 4pm)

Closed from December 29 to January 1st

How long / when to visit

One to two hours on site


¥500 (~US$ 5.00)

Construction work

Renovation works from 2009 to spring 2018

You can see the reconstruction work closely

In Japanese

名古屋城 (Nagoya-jô)


Official website (in English)

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