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Hi everyone, am planning to travel to Japan beginning of November 2018 for 10 to 14 days.
Length and itinerary will all depend on whether I am travelling solo or with a buddy.

I am a 31yo Australian born Korean fluent in both English and Korean but English would be my preferred language and in the process of learning Japanese. I am a big foodie, love taking photos and videos of all my adventures.

I am a solo traveler but would like a buddy for the Japan trip and looking for a companion with similar interests.

Again itinerary is based on my interested and a companion but a draft would look something like:
Tokyo 3-4 days
Kyoto 1-3 days
Osaka 3-4 days
Tokyo 3-4 days

Possible side trips/ventures:
Nara while staying in Kyoto
Hiroshima for a day after Osaka
Hakone on the way back to Tokyo

Must do's:
Akihabara as I am a fan of anime and games
Tsukiji Markets
Giant Gundam
Pokemon Center
Tori Gates
Capsule Hotel

Leaning towards airbnb for accommodation and wanting to experience a capsule hotel stay and ryokan for 1 night.

Prefer to experience Japan with a bubbly female companion or a male with same interests.

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July 15, 2018
19:15 EDT

Hi there,

My name is Gil, I'll be heading to Japan from Toronto for about the same amount of days.
I'd love to discuss the possibility of travelling together or meeting up while there!

September 21, 2018
14:34 EDT

Hello Gil! I am also looking for companion in my Japan travel this coming November. My friend have to back-out for emergency reasons and I guess I have to travel alone, so here I am, hoping to meet you in Japan. It will be my first time in Japan and to travel solo out of the country. Your plans looks good, however I will be in Osaka for 8days only, Nov 17 to 24. Hope to hear from you:) btw, I'm a Filipino and 31,too!:)

September 21, 2018
14:40 EDT

Oops! Sorry... I meant Hi Juni Kim! Haha! I got confused coz I've read Gil's comment:)

September 21, 2018
14:42 EDT

Hi Ann, sounds great any other way I could contact you?

September 21, 2018
14:46 EDT

I hope you have viber:)

September 21, 2018
14:45 EDT

Do you have viber? Have you discussed with Juni Kim?:)

October 18, 2018
00:55 EDT

Heya, I'd be down to meetup in Osaka, Kyoto. I'll be in that area from October 26 to End of November

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