Looking for travel companion in Japan 18-25 Oct 2019!! :D

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Hi! My name's Aby. I'm female 23 y.o from Jakarta, Indonesia.

This is my first time visiting Japan and also my first time doing solo traveling.
Already bought the ticket (arrival on 18th and depart on 25th), and currently looking for a place to stay, pretty much tight on budget, so I prefer to get the cheapest one, whether its bnb (if u want to share cost with me) or a single hostel bunkbed. Currently haven't plan anything yet for the trip, but tokyo-kyoto-osaka (also disneyland/disneysea) can be considered, basically i'm open to any activities suggestion.

For my travel partner, it would be better, i guess, if we're around the same age and also same gender (it is not mandatory).

I think that's all. If you are interested or want to ask questions, please dont hesitate to reply this message :)

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Pedro Miranda
April 23, 2019

Haven’t gotten my ticket yet but I’m 23 male guy Latino if that matters. But I’m inviting all my friends if they wanna go to Japan with me but they can’t so I might do solo so I ended up here . Anyways haven’t gotten my ticket yet just waiting to see if I can find a companion. And such I’m a gamer and such and love anime type of guy may not look like it and such . I mostly want to travel to Tokyo to try new food and get maybe some stuff and I’m a clueless type of person some times and quiet when meeting new people but I try making new friends and such if interested also Spanish is my first language but j do speak English quite well from what people tell me. Hit me up if interested

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July 04, 2019

Hi Pedro! I find your reply to Aby's post interesting since I think we have a lot in common. Haha. (not the age, though, lol) Might be fun if we all get together for this trip (if you let me join at least haha). ;)

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July 04, 2019

Hi Aby! I want to visit Japan around that time as well. :) Though I may not be in the same age range you're looking for. I'm still young at heart, though :P, and still just want to have a good time exploring Japan, the country I've always dreamed of visiting, being a fan of anime/manga, music, entertainment and just their culture in general. Hit me up if interested. ^^

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August 15, 2019

Hey Aby, I'll be travelling solo from October till January (3 months!) Would love to have a friend to hang out with.
Oh and i'm Indonesian too! (dr jakarta haha). Will mostly be in Tokyo but up for day trips :)

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