Looking for Travel Companions in Japan in the Autumn 2019

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Hello, My name is Jackie. I am 29 years old, male, and fluent in English and Spanish and I know a little bit of conversational Japanese.

I am looking into getting a travel companion for a trip I am planning in the fall. I don't have hard date set yet, but i'm looking to be in Japan for about 2 weeks in between late october and early december 2019. Most likely, i'll be taking advantage of the thanksgiving holiday.

the one thing i know for certain is that I will be spending weekends in Osaka. during the week, however, i'm pretty much open for anything anywhere in Japan.

I'm pretty much open to suggestions in terms of activities. I want to see the foliage and take some photos but that be taking up much time.

As far as my habits, i sleep pretty late and wake up pretty early every day which means that it shouldn't really be an issue.

NOTE: i'm not looking a roommate. we would have separate accommodations.

i would prefer someone between 25 and 32. Gender is inconsequential.

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