Mid april 2019 Trip to Japan

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Hello everyone.

I'm planning on making my first trip to Japan this April. Most likely from April 16th till the end of the month.
I haven't fortified any plans yet, but I do have a couple things in mind.
I enjoy new cultures, old cultures, food and exploration. I'm not too into clubs though.
If you're looking for a travel companion I'm all in!
Feel free to message me :)

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February 05, 2019
14:53 EST

I'll be reaching Tokyo on 20th April from the UK and will certainly be in/around Tokyo for 4-5 days, to get rid of jet lag before traveling around Japan for a total of four weeks.

Would be delighted to meet up (Neighter am I in to clubbing!).

February 25, 2019
05:24 EST

I'll be getting there at the end of March, and stay until the end of April, maybe even extend it a couple weeks. I'm interested in hanging out with just about anyone

Jona in Japan 15-30 April 2019
March 30, 2019
09:40 EDT

In which cities will you be, and on what approximate dates? My schedule: Into Kansai for 15-19th Wakayama/Nara (with a guide in Nara), 19th-25th Kyoto (with a guide on 1-2 days), 25-27th Kinosaki-Onsen (West coast), and 27-29th Tokyo (with a guide) before flying out from Narita. I can meet others either daytime or for dinner/evening plans.

February 25, 2019
16:02 EST

I’m in Spain right now.
Will reach back home UK on 9th.

Where are you flying from? Are you flying to Tokyo?

February 26, 2019
01:52 EST

hi there, i'll be in japan from 4 april to 14 start from Tokyo end at Osaka. this is my first trip alone too. lets hang out and explore together :)

March 09, 2019
18:52 EST

I'll be in and out of Tokyo during April, could be keen for an adventure/sight see at some point! Feel free to message me :)

March 10, 2019
12:13 EDT

I will definitely be in and nearby Tokyo from 21st April up to almost the beginning of the Golden week (up to 227th).
I have great intention of going to Mt Fuji for an overnight trip although I have very little info, let alone any concrete dates, about arranging that trip.
Please feel free to message me. Also any useful info if you have would be welcome!

March 26, 2019
11:24 EDT

Im in Tokyo 4/17 - 4/27, thinking about viewing the cherry blossoms up north in Niigata, overnight excursion to Mt FuJi, maybe Hiroshima, also looking for a cooking class outside the big city, (thanks Jona for all the suggestions!)

Jona - Japan 15-30 April
March 29, 2019
11:56 EDT

Hi Jon… and all of you seeking Cherry Blossoms:
This page shows a map with Cherry Blossoms viewing status for this year: *** https://www.japan-guide.com/sakura/ *** This year (2019) the blooms opened early, so the southern half of Japan is in full bloom. The northernmost third of Japan (Sapporo/Hakodate) will bloom in later April, into very early May.

March 30, 2019
05:24 EDT

Thanks Jona. Very useful info since I'm reaching there late April.
May be I'll now consider heading to Hokkaido in the last week of April. Originally, that part of JP was not even in my provisional itinerary!

Jona in Japan 15-30 April 2019
March 30, 2019
09:51 EDT

You're welcome. In Hokkaido, you (or Jon) might find an outdoor hot spring "onsen" to enjoy the sakura and other views. Here's a link: https://www.kyuhoshi.com/2018/11/best-onsen-hot-spring-resorts-in-hokkaido/

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