Norwegian traveler seeking companion for Japan adventures in the first tier of 2020

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Hey people!
So far, I've been exploring Asia in the Philippines, Thailand, India and Taiwan, and I would like to extend my journey to Japan now, for the first time. I'm usually travelling alone, with no specific plans and just connecting with local people wherever I go. Japan has been on my heart to visit for a long time, and it suddenly hit me that it could be interesting to travel together with someone for once.

So I Googled some options and decided to post this here. :)

I'm used to travel low budget style in hostels etc, but if we are two people, I'm also open to rent something on airbnb etc together, to get some more privacy (and better sleep)!

I'm a very easygoing fellow who loves to talk about the deep and important things of life, but can also be quiet without feeling awkward about that. I love nature and sports and trying different activities. Being physically active is something I really like, but I can also be a lazy sack of potatoes. I love people and are genuinely interested in connecting with people and taking part in their lives.
I have friends and connections all around the world and I am still hungry to meet and befriend more! :)

I am NOT a "party-party-woop-woop" person, so if you are, we probably won't be great traveling partners. ;) I tend to connect and communicate better with females, and would perhaps prefer a female travel companion. And if you're actually Japanese and/or could help me communicate more easily with the local people, that would of course be a big bonus. :)

As far as specific places and time frames are concerned, I'm actually very flexible.
Sometime between January 2020 and April 2020 is preferred, and the sooner we can decide on the details, the cheaper my flight tickets will be. ;)
I just want to have a nice first Japanese experience wherever that will be, so I am open to suggestions and ideas, as long as it doesn't blow my budget up into a million sad panda pieces.

So if you're interested, send me a message to see if we can figure something out. :)


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novi putri
October 08, 2019
11:58 EDT

Hi Norwegian Panda. I am a female 34 from Indonesia. I will be solo travelling to Tokyo in spring season from March 29th to April 4th. If you will also be there during those dates, email me. So that we can be travel companion.

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