Fukuoka, View on an avenue of the city


The Largest City in Kyushu

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Fukuoka is the capital of the eponymous prefecture, and also the main large city of Kyushu, the fourth main island of Japan in the south. More than 1,5 million people live here under a mild climate and enjoying a relaxed lifestyle.

Before 1889, Hakata and Fukuoka were two neighboring towns. They merged and Fukuoka ultimately took administrative precedence. However, the name of Hakata is still widely known and used, for example at the JR Shinkansen 🚅 station or for its local specialty: the Hakata ramen 🍜 (tonkotsu pork flavored noddles).

Fukuoka is an interesting gateway to Kyushu thanks to its advantageous geographical location: since March 2011, the JR Hakata Station is the starting point of the Shinkansen train lines on the island.

There is also a very pleasant climate, great accessibility by public transportation and lively and well-defined neighborhoods, with a beach 🏖 as a bonus.

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By Kanpai Updated on May 02, 2023 Fukuoka