Tokyo and Kyoto already paid for 2 people, 19/11-1/12/2018

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Hi, i'm a 33 years old man looking for some travel companion.
My holiday was supposed to be for two people but now i'm going to go alone.
I am supposed to stay in tokyo fron 19/11 to 25/11 and in kyoto from 25/11 to 30/11.
I don't really have prefetence as a companion, just he/she should be in the 25-35 years old range.
I actually have hotels already paid for 2 people (really nice hotels, with twin beds, bathrooms, central locations) in Tokyo and Kyoto.
I'm a really simple guy, i just want to enjoy japan (first time there), I eat everything.
I'm going to fly from Milan to Tokyo. Flight ticket is the same as hotels (already paid for 2 people).
Hope I can fine someone.

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