Tokyo / Kyoto / Osaka / Day trips from Sep 26 to Oct 14, 2019

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Single 37M - Going to land in Tokyo Sep 26, and fly out Oct 14. Don't have exact dates for Kyoto, Osaka planned out(will start looking at accommodations soon).

I'm a very carefree and flexible traveler, created a list of interesting places / sights / foods I want to check out, and will kind of just go with the flow...wake up and choose something to do. The plan is to see a bunch of historical sights, eat a lot of good foods, try my best to interact with locals without pissing them off :) and just overall have a great time.

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August 02, 2019
21:02 EDT

Hi, I will be travelling Osaka / Kyoto 4/10/19-7/10. We can catch up and do things together.

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