Travel companion in Japan for April 2019?

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Kia ora!

I'm a kiwi gal in her mid twenties who's going to be traveling around Japan from April 1-26. I've been working in Hokkaido and am keen to explore more of the country! I have some locked in plans, and other flexible ones, but if you're down to adventure for a little bit together let me know! This is my second visit to Japan, and so far I'll be moving around Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto/Fuji/Aizu/Oshima Island, but I'm open to changes in itinerary to see more of Japan. I'm interested in everything Japanese, from old-guard histories to modern eccentricities.

My budget is generally more low-end, relying on hostels and public transit, but in the nature of adventure I'm super flexible and more than happy to splurge for lifetime experiences.

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March 10, 2019
19:05 EDT

Flying from the UK to Tokyo on 20th April for 4 weeks.
First few days definitely in and around Tokyo, to get rid of jet lag!
Fuji is definitely on the list.
Budget is more than flexible - from hostels to five stars.
And adventure is the theme of life!
Do feel free to message.

March 23, 2019
10:10 EDT

Good morning…
I am visiting Japan for the first time in 2019, from 15 Apr to 30 Apr. I fly into KIX, and am in Wakayama and Nara for 4 nights. In Kyoto from 20 April - 25 April, then KinosakiOnsen for 2 nights. I wrap up in Tokyo from the 27 Apr - 30 Apr. While I only speak a few words of Japanese, and finding someone who speaks a bit more would be ideal, I'd enjoy anyone simply come equipped with an inquisitive and resourceful nature. I do have an English-speaking native guide with me in Tokyo and Nara, but otherwise on my own. If our schedules coincide, and you have any interest in sharing some time and activities, please let me know.

March 10, 2019
20:35 EDT

Heya, I'll be in Japan during April and May. Definitely looking to visit some places I've never been before. So far on my list are Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kagoshima and Kyoto. I want to check out the cherry blossoms in each place if I can! You can message me on Instagram, LINE or wechat. My ID is jzhang172.

March 11, 2019
02:12 EDT

Hey Kiwi Gal,

In Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka around 20th April. drop me a line ronie9868

March 12, 2019
18:57 EDT

Hi, in my mid twenties too I am a french girl who will visit japan in the same period as yours. I think our itinerary and budget match.
I am fluent in english but I am still learning japanese. If you want we can travel together for a part of your trip ! You can contact me with lilithean

March 23, 2019
10:18 EDT

Hi Lilithean… I'm old enough to be your - well, let's just say auntie! If you would like some mature company from someone who has done lots of research and planning before travel, let me know. My 2019 trip is from 14 April (Wakayama, Nara, Kyoto, KinosakiOnsen), then Tokyo from 27 April until departure on the 30 April.

March 19, 2019
22:47 EDT

What a coincidence! I am in my mid twenties too. Hello everyone, even though I am a Chinese, but I have staied in New Zealand for quite a long time,I am the Master student of Massey University, because of the depression, currently I am taking my personal vacation, maybe travel will help. Just feel free to contact me, my email address is My facebook is Weishuang Zhang.

March 23, 2019
11:06 EDT

I think I posted my reply in the wrong place, but think this is the right place now: I'm old enough to be your - well, let's just say auntie! If you would like some mature company from someone who has done lots of research and planning before travel, let me know. My 2019 trip is from 14 April (Wakayama, Nara, Kyoto, KinosakiOnsen), then Tokyo from 27 April until departure on the 30 April.

April 06, 2019
21:53 EDT

Hi Jona Marie!!

For some reason my emails have not been coming through >.< Age difference aside I’m sure it could be fun to adventure together somewhere if our schedules align!

Currently I’m scheduled for Tokyo April 6-10, and then Kyoto April 15-20, then back to Tokyo from April 26/27th. The rest of the time I’m booked a little off the beaten track, but if you’d like to do something one of those days let me know :) either way, I hope you have a wonderful time in Japan!

April 06, 2019
23:14 EDT

Hi Annie-zilla… Well, I got this most recent message, and nice to hear from you. We will overlap in Kyoto (eve of the 19th and the 20th). And in Tokyo, I arrive the eve of 27th with plans in Shinagawa area, but it is something fun so you might also come. My direct e-mail is AskJona, and that's on/at AOL (+ ".com"). So it's (if it comes through writing it properly). If you send me a direct mail with your commitments on our overlap days, I'll provide details of what I have planned that might work. Ta!

April 07, 2019
12:28 EDT

Shoot me an email if you have time. I have a rental car for the time 4/17-4/26. Starting in Tokyo, planning Mt Fuji, Chino, Takayama (depending on the Cherry Blossom forecast), Kyoto, (dinner with Jona Marie)
Traveling with another woman I met on this site, we don’t speak any Japanese but I believe Apple maps can get us around. Rooms and car is all paid for by my company. We’d love the company if you’re up for the trip.

April 07, 2019
13:54 EDT

Jona & Jon et al.

I have, at last, thought of an itinerary, starting 21st APRIL.

Suggestions most welcome, before I start booking accommodations.

5 days - Tokyo & Kamakura/Nikko
3 days - Takayama & Kanazawa
6 days - Kyoto including Himeji
3 days - Shikoku island (hopefully some pilgrimage walk)
3 days - Hiroshima & Miyajima
4 days - Osaka and Nara
4 days - Tokyo & Mt Fuji

April 07, 2019
15:20 EDT

Without dates, and without the prefecture, it's hard to know where you're headed except for the unique and larger city names (such as Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Tokyo). Hard to comment on it as presented.

April 07, 2019
15:39 EDT

It's there - starting 21st April!

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