Travel Companion in Japan early November 2019 on Hectic Schedule :)

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I'm a 30yo male, first time in Japan and I'm going for a hectic schedule. I'll be arriving on the 29th of October and staying until the 2nd of November in Osaka, then 2nd to 3rd in Nara, 3rd to 6th in Kyoto and 6th to 9 in Tokyo.

I enjoy many things, music, conversation, adventure. Excited to see everything. If you're interested in meeting for a part of the trip and doing things together, let me know!


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October 15, 2019
15:18 EDT

Hi Hectic Traveler, it looks like our dates may line up. I'm flying in an out of Tokyo November 2 to 16. Nothing yet planned but would love to find someone interested in doing physical activities as well as exploring the traditional sites. What brings you to Japan?

October 15, 2019
17:09 EDT

Seems like the relay email is not working. My email is :)

November 04, 2019
07:47 EST

Hello! I'm visiting Tokyo for a conference on the dates 9th to 15th November. So far i have no fixed itinerary. Looking forward to catch up with some people and would love to come out of this solo travel mode. Interested in experiencing Japanese culture and typical Japanese architecture. Interested people can mail me at .

October 15, 2019
16:21 EDT

Hi! I'm going to Japan for a conference from October 29th to Nov 1st. After the conference, I'm free until the 9th. I'm happy to send you more details over email. Just send an email to: (This is a relay email, I'll send you my personal once you ping).

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