Exactly how much THC is allowable in CBD oil in Japan?

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I recently became aware that CBD oil is legal in Japan. My question is: What percent of THC is allowed in CBD products in Japan? I've done quite a bit of shopping and researching online, and although there are a limited number of CBD products available with 0% THC, most have about 0.3%.
During my online research, one person commented that no more than 0.03% THC is the legal limit in Japan. Because this did not come from an official source, and because people often make mistakes (perhaps they meant to say 0.3%), I'd like to know what is the official legally-allowable percent of THC that CBD products may contain in Japan?

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July 24, 2019
04:47 EDT

The law is THC is 0% legal, so full spectrum CBD oil is illegal, therefore anyone who says their CBD oil contains 0.3% THC is selling illegal products so be very careful.
CBD Isolate is legal is legal if it contains 0.0% THC and must test for that.

This company has legal CBD Isolate oil in Japan

October 05, 2019
22:17 EDT

Yes THC has a 0% tolerance in Japan and don't play around with it in Japan!
HealthyTOKYO has many CBD products and they speak English

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