1980s Shogun TV settings in Mie?

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Those of us of a certain age in the UK will remember from the 1980s the TV miniseries 'Shogun'. For a lot of us it was a fascinating glimpse into Japanese history and and its culture and inspired the majority of us it to want to know more about Japan and the Japanese. I was one of those people and I hope to visit Japan next year and (for a bit of nostalgia) hope to visit the place where the small fishing village (Anjiro) was created for the series. I don't believe there will be much left of the film set as I know it was all swept away by a typhoon as soon as the filming finished, but it would be nice to see were it once was.
I understand it was on the coast near the towns of Owase or Nagashima? in the Mie Prefecture.
I did find a a map reference 136.28888 East, 34.162808 and attempted to find it on Google Maps street view.
It was all rather inconclusive as looking on Street View I did see a sort of lay-by with some signs but they were in Japanese and too small to read.
There was nothing on Google to inform me of anything.
Has anybody visited the place and if so how did you get there?
I was thinking of hiring a car in Kyoto or Osaka and take in this place on the way to the shrine of Ise.
Can anybody give me some advice on this?
Thanks from the UK and any help would be much appreciated.

By John S Dawson Posted on September 02, 2023 Related topics:
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September 04, 2023

「Observation deck in Kihoku」「=takatsukakouenntenboudai in Japanese」park car
and 5min walk
The outdoor set of OSAKA Port
(1) 2015 (2) film (3) 1979
#Shogun #RichardChamberlain pic.twitter.com/PD0AUjPDIT

GoogleMAP 34°09'55.5"N 136°17'25.6"E

today there's nothing remain

if y use car from Osaka to Mie prefecture
you should also drop by Nara prefecture 「Todai-ji Nigatsudo (February Hall)、zuto、Shiga Naoya's Old Residence」→IGA 「old real ninja house」→「Seki Post Town」→shrine of ise

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John Dawson
September 09, 2023

ME, Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
I look forward to visiting Japan next year.
Thanks again.

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September 09, 2023

more info i found someone's Twitter and i guess he born in this fishing village ??


back to my advice,,,,,

if Y stay IGA i recommend 「nipponia IGA ueno inn 」. this inn s morning meal was so good and go MIHO museum restaurants PEACH VALLEY order onnigiri zen(riceball lunch)1800yen it all organic and super good Y don’t need pay musium fee if you go restraint only

after leaving IGA if you have time、
visit Gojouban Yashiki MATSUZAKA city
The residence of the samurai who guarded the castle.

and mie prefecture is famous with wagyu beef named matsuzaka beef its more famous than KOBE beef enjoy

and MIE is also famous with UDON but its bad (toooo soft)Y should go KAGAWA prefecture if y eat UDON noodle

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John Dawson
September 10, 2023

Thanks again Me.
Really good information. I can almost taste the food. :-)

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September 24, 2023

Google said castle used in shogun can be Himeji castle (Hyogo prefecture)and Odawara castle(Hakone)

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John Dawson
September 24, 2023

Thanks for that.
I'm hoping to visit both castles when I go to Japan in the spring next year.
Having viewed the TV series 'Shogun' again, I now believe that the bay next to Misuzu (opposite Suzu Island) is where the filming took place for the fictitious village of "Anjiro" took place.

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September 24, 2023

yes it is definitely !

John Blackthorne‘s real model youtube video

William Adams: Story of the English Samurai in Japan

related this story ,
I recommend new museum
-Gifu Sekigahara Battlefield Memorial Museum
There is an option when you enter to see the historical movies
must watch

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