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Buy a Fushimi Inari Taisha torii from outside of Japan?

- Hello, a year ago I visited the magnificent site of Fushimi Inari. Since this visit, I have created a...

Where to buy kabuki face paint/make up in Tokyo?

- Hi, I'm currently staying in Tokyo and I'm a fan of Kabuki theatre. One thing I'd love to buy is some of...

Areas to cover in Japan for History and onsens ?

- Hi there! Im visiting Japan for 8 days from March 39 to April 7. The leave only got approved now so I’m...

Woodblock Prints in the Chūgoku or Shikoku region?

- Hello, I will be going to Japan for my 13th trip and won't be going to Tokyo or Kyoto this time. I am...

Jizo statues at San'en-zan Zojo-ji?

- Hello, Can we buy Jizo statues from San'en-zan Zōjō-j to take home to our country? My sister has lost a...