Areas to cover in Japan for History and onsens ?

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Hi there!

Im visiting Japan for 8 days from March 39 to April 7. The leave only got approved now so I’m still planning my itinerary and accomodation.

I’m travelling with my parents who are big history buffs and would love to visit Kyoto, primarily because of the history. I on the other hand, would love amazing outdoor onsen experience/s, which I feel is more possible in Hokkaido.

Should I restrict my trip to Tokyo and Kyoto and make day trips to the famous onsens in Gifu , Nagita and Nagano? Or should I train travel to these spots and spend a night in each of these while progressing in our journey towards Kyoto ( or on the way back from Kyoto because we arrive and leave Japan from the NRT airport).

Also is there snow in Hokkaido in April? If not, is it worth going there for the onsens? I believe onsens experience in hokkaido would be much better in snow/ winters. Is there much history in Hokkaido for my parents.

Any advice would be great :)

Many thanks.

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