Capsule Hotels for both genders?

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My husband and I are finally heading to Japan next year and he has been curious about Capsule Hotels for awhile now and wanted to try one out. Several that I have found are men only, or would have us separated by floor. I suppose that much would be fine, but the one I found that let us had a bath house for the men, and nothing for the women. Is there a Capsule Hotel that would have bathing facilities for both genders as well as allowing us both to stay in the same hotel? We were only planning to try it one night.

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August 01, 2018
04:58 EDT

Hello Angela !
Capsulte hotels are definitely a strange and funny experience, and it is true that for safety and privacy reasons, they tend to separate men and women by floors.
The hotel Tokyo Kiba Hotel is one that has mixed gender floors capsules and even a double-capsule for couple.
However bathrooms remained separated !

Good luck on your research, but you will definitely find one before next year :)

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