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How can I hire a Japanese cook to bring him to my country and open a sweets shop?

- Hi, I hope you are all doing well. This is my first engagement in this forum and I hope I can get the...

Margarine in Japan?

- Why there is no margarine in Japan? At least I didn't find it anywhere except our hotels breakfast buffet...

Hoisin Sauce in Japanese?

- Hi, I was wondering how do you write and say “Hoisin Sauce” in Japanese? Many thanks, Yibo

Buying Okara powder in Japan?

- Where i can buy okara powder in tokyo and osaka? Please kindly give the name of the place

Onigiri cost?

- How much onigiri can be bought with the monthly allowance of a secondary school student in japan?

Matcha tea popularity in Japan?

- How popular is traditional matcha tea in Japan?