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Information about Kyoto Nihongo Center?

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Konnichiwa I wish to register at Kyoto Nihongo Center in 2023. I've already checked their website. Can…

How to spell Japanese on Duolingo?

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When I am doing lessons on my phone with Duolingo, I can't find the letters to spell out kurai. Am I using…

Samurai greetings?

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Hello! What is the Japanese phrase (words) a Samurai would say upon greeting someone? Thank you. Vincent

Hoisin Sauce in Japanese?

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Hi, I was wondering how do you write and say “Hoisin Sauce” in Japanese? Many thanks, Yibo

Where to find the Akuma no gishiki book?

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Hello everybody! I'm very excited about the Japanese culture especially the miths and legends surrounding it…

How is Zatoichi spelled and pronounced in Japanese?

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I enjoy the films of Zatoichi and was wondering how is it spelled and said in Japanese?

Kanpai or Kampai, which is most correct?

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Hello! Have seen "Cheers" in Japanese written as "kanpai" and "kampai", which is correct or most correct?…

Need help to Interprete this to Nihongo

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No class next Tuesday as the Month of May has 5 Tuesdays ( We conduct 4 Lesson each month ) There are a…

Please check my Japanese poem?

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Hello! I'm writing a poem, and I decided to include a Japanese part to it. I'm a half-Japanese who was born…

Season versions of Keigo phrases ?

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Hi, I've been studying Japanese and I just started learning Keigo and Kanji in couple of months ago. I…