Nagasaki Peace Park, Fountain of Peace

Nagasaki Peace Park

World War II Memorial Site

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Nagasaki Peace Park is in Urakami district, in the north of Nagasaki’s center and on the left bank of Urakami river. This place of heavy historical significance was inaugurated in 1955 and shelters statues and monuments commemorating the second atomic bombing of Japan by the Americans on August 9, 1945.

Nagasaki is sadly remembered in Japan’s history as "Fat Man," the second atomic bomb launched by the U.S.A. on the country, destroyed the city on August 9, 1945 and consequently spurred the surrender of Imperial Japan.

Ten years later, Nagasaki Peace Park opened to commemorate the victims and to promote peace and a nuclear-free world. The park is located near the Atomic Bomb Museum and the blast’s hypocenter, in the north of the city, on a higher ground that allows a view down on the old Nagasaki.

The Statue of Peace is the main focus of the park. The 9,7 meters high bronze statue pictures a seating man. Its right arm points towards the sky to symbolize the nuclear threat and its left arm is pointing horizontally to express the desire for peace.

Nagasaki Peace Park, Statue of Peace

Testimonies for peace

Opposite to the statue is the Fountain of Peace, symbolizing the flow of tears cried by the victims. The springing water reminds of doves taking off. In front of the fountain, a black plate was affixed, engraved with survivor Sachiko Yamaguchi's terrible ordeals account.

Between the two artworks, were placed various statues and monuments offered to Nagasaki city by neighboring cities and countries to show their hope for a better world and the wish to erase nuclear weapons from the planet.

Near the park, we also recommended to discover the beautiful Urakami Cathedral and Sanno shrine, renowned for its torii ⛩️ gate that was still miraculously standing after the blast.

The Peace Park is a must-see when visiting Nagasaki for the first time, at least to have a thought for the victims of this historical tragedy.

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