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Is there a visa stamp in passport when using Visit Japan Web registration?

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Hi, I'll be arriving into Japan via KIX next week. I want to make use of the Visit Japan Web registration, to…

How to send a suitcase back to my country from Japan?

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Hello ^^ I am currently in Japan since more than half a year and preparing to go back to my home country…

How to get to Tsunan Snow Festival?

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Hello, I'm planning a trip to Japan from February 28th till March 30th with 2 friends. We are landing in…

N'EX Round trip ticket to Shinjuku and from Ofuna

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can i use n'ex round trip ticket 4000 yen for the route-*Narita airport --- shinjuku station*? return from …

Bus from Sensoji to Tokyo Skytree ?

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Hi, i want to ask. I saw on internet that from sensoji to tokyoskytree can by Tobu Skytree shuttle bus, and…

Longer term storage while traveling in Japan?

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Hi there I'm heading to Japan for 11 days, the first 3 days I'll be snowboarding. Is it possible to use…

Sightseeing on Tateyama line (Chitetsu)?

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Hi, i would like to book the scenic railway ride on the tateyama line from chitetsu railway company and i…

Long distance bus between Kobe and Tokushima?

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I am in the middle of planning my second trip to Japan in November. I will be traveling from Kyoto to…

Moving luggage in Nakasendo Trail?

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Six friends and I will be walking the Nakasendo in September we wish to have some luggage moved each day from…