How to get to Tsunan Snow Festival?

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I'm planning a trip to Japan from February 28th till March 30th with 2 friends.
We are landing in Narita Airport and staying in tokyo for a week.
On March 13-14 there is a Festival in Tsunan that we would like to visit, but we are not renting a car so it's very confusing. We can't figured out a way to get there and a place to stay there (it's taking place in New Greenpia Tsunan).
So right now this is our scheduale:
2/28/2020-3/5/2020- Tokyo
3/6/2020-3/8/2020- Hakone and Fuji five lakes
3/9/2020-3/10/2020- Gamagori
3/11/2020-3/12/2020- Matsumoto
3/13/2020-3/14/2020- Tsunan festival, Kanazawa
3/15/2020-3/18/2020- Kyoto
3/19/2020- 3/21/2020- Osaka and Nara
3/22/2020-3/30/2019- Tokyo

we would like to hear opinions about it and help with planing the way to get to Tsunan

Thanks for everyone's help :)

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